Jay-Z is Opening a Rocawear Pop-Up Shop

Nolita is making room for Hov and Co.

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On Monday June 27, Jay-Z and his clothing line will be moving to Mulberry Street in New York. The hip-hop mogul is opening a temporary location, or a "brand showcase," for Rocawear where celebrities, tastemakers, and other very important people will be invited to record testimonials that will later be posted on ThatsRocawear.com. Jay-Z is said to be in the works of re-positioning Rocawear into a more modern and accessible line. While talking to WWD, Jay stated: "We are a great American brand. We don’t envision ourselves as an urban brand or streetwear brand. We wanted to show people how we’ve evolved and repositioned ourselves, without abandoning our original DNA." Sounds like a good move to us.


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