Street Detail: All Black Everything!

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devonNAME: DeVohn

AGE: 20

OCCUPATION: Celebrity Stylist/Model

HOME BASE: Brooklyn


JACKET: Balmain

SHIRT: Vintage

PANTS: Vintage

SHOES: Vintage

GLOVES: Vintage

BAG: Vintage

What is your favorite fall trend? All black everything!

Must have item for fall? Suede platforms.

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What sneaker style are you rocking this season? No sneakers for me, just dress shoes and boots.

What is a cold weather don't? Wearing something thin! New York is cold! Gotta keep warm.

Who is your Halloween costume this year? I'm going to be a sexy Catwoman!

Who inspires your style? Grace Jones.

Last clothing item you purchased? Vintage Chanel bag.

Collect? Sunglasses.

Favorite brand? Chanel.

Favorite city? Tokyo.

Dream job? Doing what I'm doing now!

Trend proof style advice? Be yourself with everything you wear! It's not about what others say, it's about showing your inner God.

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