This Guy Is Asking for Donations to Cop Pieces From the adidas x Kanye West "Yeezy Season 1" Collection

This guy is asking for donations so he can cop pieces from Kanye's highly-anticipated collection.

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Earlier today, rumored prices of the adidas x Kanye West "Yeezy Season 1" collection were revealed online. To much disappointment, the line isn't as affordable as people may have initially thought and/or hoped. Knitted sweaters start at a whopping $880 and outerwear is priced as much as $3,850. Naturally, some people are already asking for donations to help them cop a piece or two from the collection, be it on social media or

Broke Homie (laugh out loud) started a page on the website, and appropriately called it "Help Me Buy Clothes From Kanye." The description on his page says that he needs the money because "Kanye forgot we're not all Kardashians" and he really needs the cash so he can "cop some of these fresh 'walking dead couture' from Donda's son."


FYI, he's asking for $10,000.

So far, one person has donated $200 to the cause. 

We're not sure if this guy's trolling us, but it's pretty funny/incredible. 

Jon Wexler, adidas' Global Director of Entertainment and Influencer Marketing and the man responsible for bringing Kanye to the sportswear giant, found the gofundme page amusing. 


Donate here if you want. 


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