Thanks to HLZBLZ, Dudes Aren't the Only Ones Who Can Enjoy Quality Streetwear Gear

Tell your girl.

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Misslawn, aka Lanie B., is coming through with a new Hellz Bellz (now HLZBLZ) collection. 

HLZBLZ was founded in 2005, and quickly joined the ranks of the best women's streetwear brands—and best streetwear brands, period. For Fall/Winter 2015, almost exactly 10 years since its launch, Misslawn is doing things a little different. 

The new collection, titled "XXXPLOSIV," emphasizes a unisex aesthetic (baggy tees, jeans, and trousers) and features a few sportswear designs (leggings, nylon hoodies, sports bras, etc.). 

The first delivery, "Off the Grid," is currently available online. The second and third drops will be released on Sept. 21 and Oct. 21, respectively. 

Now, where's Rihanna 'cause some of this stuff has her name written all over it?


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