Nike SB Diamond Dunks, Union & Adidas: ComplexCon 2018 Had the Biggest Lines This Year | Get in Line

Racks speaks to Takashi Murakami, J Balvin, the Shoe Surgeon, and attendees about this year's biggest drops.

Just like previous years, ComplexCon 2018 was an intersection of tech, sports, food, music, and, of course, style. This past weekend delivered a range of highly coveted and exclusive drops from some of the biggest names in streetwear. There was the Takashi x OVO collaboration, the Diamond x Nike SB Dunks, AAPE by A Bathing Ape gear, Atmos kicks, as well as some limited Adidas models.

The lines for these releases were unlike anything we've seen before. And you already know Racks was there to capture all the action.

In the latest episode of Get in Line, Racks chops it up with ComplexCon attendees about which drops they had their eyes on. He also caught up with J Balvin, the Shoe Surgeon, Kodie Shane, Ari Petrou, and Takashi Murakami, who explained the appeal of the annual convention.

"Young people want to come back to this excitement—buying something, kind of meeting with new friends," Murakami explained. "When I was 18, 17 years old, when I see Star Wars movie—like that! I was in line one week, all night. That's why I really understand these people's mind."

You can check out the latest episode of Get in Line above. 

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