Drake Will Wear More Custom Calvin Klein On the European Leg of His "Would You Like a Tour?" Tour

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Drake may be spending all his money on Alexander Wang, but he's sticking to one brand at least for his tour. Yup, you guessed it. The rapper is wearing Calvin Klein on the European leg of his Would You Like a Tour? tour. 

The clothes, all designed by CK creative director Italo Zucchelli, are different from the last round. There are graphic sweatshirts, sleeveless hoodies, tank tops, a black denim jacket with a sick water print, and a few pairs of jeans made using leather, nylon, and waxed denim. Drizzy will even wear the same "OBSESSION" sweater from the Fall 2014 collection, but with "Drake" sewn on the back. 

"I am excited to continue our relationship with Drake, because it has been very inspiring to work with him,” Zucchelli said. ”For this next phase of his tour in Europe, I created a variety of pieces that represent my design aesthetic, but also really fit his personality perfectly.”



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