Pharrell Thanks Jacob the Jeweler for Introducing Him to Nigo: 'Altered My Life'

Jacob Arabo explains how Nigo wanted the jeweler to remake Pharrell's jewelry but also make the pieces in different colors.

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Pharrell, Nigo, and Jacob the Jeweler are longtime collaborators, having begun their partnership 30 years ago.

Now, Nigo is selling some pieces from his personal archive, the From Me to You collection, via Pharrell’s auction platform, Joopiter. The trio sat down to discuss Jacob introducing Pharrell and Nigo back in the day.

“I would go to Jacob all the time,” Pharrell began. “He told me about this guy in Japan who had this crazy brand. One day [Jacob] was like, ‘Oh, you’ll love it. This guy’s right up your alley. You gotta meet him.’ And he told me a couple times.”

Skateboard P continued, “One time he was like, ‘No, look. This guy knows of your work and everything that we do together, he has a picture or poster of it, and he’s got this whole folder.’”

“[Nigo] would show me pictures of items that he wants,” Jacob explained. “A lot of it was referring to Pharrell’s jewelry.”

Nigo would ask for flips of Pharrell’s jewelry. “Jacob’s just thumbing through photos and editorials where I would be wearing the jewelry that we had made together,” Pharrell recalled. “If mine would be in yellow gold, [Nigo] would say, ‘Make me that in yellow but then make it for me in rose and then make it for me in white gold or platinum.’”

“He was inspired by Pharrell’s jewelry, but he also created his own,” Jacob added.

Pharrell thanked Jacob for introducing him to Nigo, saying that his life saw an “uptick in trajectory because of your instinct, your willingness to share someone you knew.” P continued, “The idea that you would be as generous to share your friend with me and how this has altered my life and just taken me to the highest of heights, and we’re still climbing. Brother, thank you so much.”

Pharrell has previously discussed his first time meeting Nigo in Tokyo, in a 2016 episode of OtherTone with Nigo and Scott Vener. Pharrell visited Nigo at his recording studio in the old Nowhere offices and toured Nigo’s showroom and archive, which showcased items like the Beatles’ instruments, art pieces, clothing, toys, jewelry, and new BAPE items. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” Pharrell said of the encounter. The pair went on to collaborate in music and fashion spaces, launching Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream footwear together.

The From Me to You collection features several pieces from Jacob Arabo’s jewelry company, Jacob & Co., including a white gold and diamond Billionaire Boys Club four-finger ring, a white gold and diamond N.E.R.D. belt buckle, a white gold and diamond Ice Cream pendant with a diamond Cuban link chain, and more. 

The collection also includes other pieces, like Louis Vuitton luggage, various watches, BAPE pieces, and even a Birkin. The items are available for bidding until Nov. 16 at 12 p.m. ET.

Watch Pharrell, Nigo, and Jacob the Jeweler’s entire interview up top.

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