People React to Price of Telfar’s Newest Bag

During its recent show at New York Fashion Week, the NYC-based brand unveiled the Round Circle Bag, and its price tag divided people on social media.

Twitter users react to Telfar bag price

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Twitter users react to Telfar bag price

Telfar has, once again, divided social media.

During its recent show at New York Fashion Week, the genderless fashion label lifted the curtain on the Round Circle Bag, its most expensive handbag to date. The all-black accessory is shaped like Telfar’s signature T-inside-a-C logo, a structural piece measures 11 inches tall and 11 inches wide that features a zip closure, a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, top handles, as well as hidden compartments. And, just like Telfar’s highly coveted Shopping Bag, the latest addition is made from faux leather with twill lining. It’s pretty much everything you would expect from Telfar Clemens’ imprint. Well, almost everything.

On Wednesday, the brand released a Telfar TV promo for the Round Circle Bag, and confirmed it would cost $567—about $300 more than the most expensive Shopping Bag. 

“What is the world coming to when rent is more important that new Telfar bag?” a voice is heard saying in the video. “Come on, get with the fucking program. I know y’all not tripping.”

Though $567 is considered “affordable” in the luxury market, the price is quite steep when compared to Telfar’s previous offerings. The label has established itself as a purveyor of “accessible luxury,” as its most popular handbags sell for as low as $150. While some customers scoffed at the cost of the Round Circle Bag, which has since sold out online, others defended the price point as nothing more than a smart business move.

You can read some of the reactions below. 

I don’t like how y’all acting like Telfar can’t up their prices? I ain’t never seen a “Louis Vuitton lost they mind” tweet ever. I don’t get it.

— The Purse Dealer ✨💕 (@hausofsyy) February 17, 2022

Telfar didn’t raise the prices of the original shopping bag. That’s what he was sticking too, keeping the shopping bag the same price and it still is. He never said that every future bag was going to be the same price as the shopping bags.

— queen (@TheresTheQueen) February 17, 2022


— Aint Nobody Coming To See You Otis (@zoraslovechild) February 17, 2022

at the end of the day telfar is a brand and brands are driven by capital, this is not even a little surprising lol i don’t think anything driven by capital can really be “for the people” idk

— dash is sleeping • they/them (@thedigitaldash_) February 17, 2022

Y’all so whack. Chanel raises their prices and y’all flock to the store. Telfar gives you a higher quality bag with a more intricate design and you bitches complain. It’s a fashion house. Not fucking shein.

— IAMWILLBANK$ (@themaddadd) February 17, 2022

I love Telfar but $600 for pleather is actually wild 😭😭

— Chaos Coordinator (@wyetthasspoken) February 17, 2022

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