ARTNOIR and the Meatpacking District to Launch Black Cultural Festival

The district and minority-owned collective are preparing to kick off "From a Place, of a Place"—a three-month-long series celebrating Black culture and art.

From a Place of a Place

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From a Place of a Place

ARTNOIR will celebrate Black culture, art, and commerce with From a Place, of a Place—a months-long series presented with the Meatpacking Business Improvement District.

Kicking off this week, the five-part program will highlight the energy and spirit of the neighborhood through various mediums of expression, including art installations, live performances, and community activities. ARTNOIR​​​​​​​—a female-majority and minority-owned collective—announced the artist lineup and forthcoming programs at the end of July. The first part of the series will be a two-part exhibition and residency at The Meeting Point gallery, where 10 NYC-based artists will showcase their work.

“The announcement of our first lineup of artists in an exciting development as we look forward to the debut of the series,” said Tiffany Griffin, director of marketing, events, and partnership for the Meatpacking Business Improvement District. “We’re honored to have the opportunity to welcome these incredibly talented artists to the neighborhood and help foster their creativity. Our team looks forward to welcoming visitors to the district and to experience the program ...”

Curated by Danny Baez of ARTNOIR​​​​​​​and RegularNormal, the Meeting Point Gallery exhibition will open Thursday at 2 Gansevoort in partnership with Sage Realty. The first show will include pieces by Francheska Alcantara, Daphne Arthur, Layo Bright, Kevin Claiborne, Joe Hayes III, and more.

From A Place, of a Place will run through Oct. 28. You can learn more about the series at ARTNOIR’s official website.

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