Hermès Launches an App That Helps You Choose the Perfect Tie

Heremes' newest product will help you look sharp.

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Need help choosing the perfect tie for your next outing? There's an app for that. 

French fashion powerhouse Hermès just launched Tie Break, an app that caters to all of your neckwear needs. The app includes a variety of fun games, GIFs, tie tutorials, and even reveals some of Hermès' production secrets. Tie Break also allows users to browse and shop the brand's latest fall/winter 2014 neckwear collection, which includes scarves and bow-ties. 

The best part is that Tie Break is free and available in both English and French, but only iPhone users with iOS 4.3 can take advantage of it right now. In addition, Hermès also released an app called Silk Knots, which shows you how to tie perfect knots in scarves. Step up your digital neck game and download Tie Break and Silk Knots now from the iTunes app store now.

[via Esquire]

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