Cleon Peterson Completes Stunning Mural at Katowice Street Art Festival in Poland

The artist gave a signature piece for visitors to the bridge.

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Cleon Peterson is an artist who first came to our attention through the work he showed at Lazarides' The Outsiders gallery in London. In addition the solo exhibition he had there last year, he's created a number of powerful outdoor murals, including the one he did at Lazarides' "BRUTAL" exhibition in a cold, wet, and vacant building during Frieze week in London.

In addition to his recent "End of Days" exhibition at New Image Art in LA, plus a simultaneous mural at Known Gallery, Peterson went to the Katowice Street Art Festival in Poland and completed this fantastic piece under a bridge. It depicts a violent scene, as many of his pieces do, except the aggression is more apparent than the actual destruction (perhaps since this under-bridge seems to get some foot traffic). He continues to comment on power structures and physical human extremes in his work, which you can occasionally get for an affordable price on his web shop (apparently Shepard Fairey has an original of this one).

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