This Chart Shows You the Best Time to Cop Clothes For Cheap

Check out this list that breaks down the best time to buy clothes and other things you'll always need.

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The Business Insider just blessed us with this lifehack list of the prime times to buy all the dope things you need in your life, without breaking the bank. Check out some of the highlights below and prep yourself for some come ups in the coming months. 

A trip to New York (January): Any time is a great time to take a trip to New York, but it's always best to avoid the main tourist seasons if you get the opportunity. If you don't mind the high possibility of freezing weather and snow on the ground, take the time to look into hotel deals and cheaper flights in the off-season. Plus, if you save big on the travel expenses, you'll have plenty more bread to spend on new gear at some of the city's best sneaker and menswear shops

Suits (January): It might be a problem if you're in your 20's already and don't own a single decent looking suit, so make sure you pick one up outside of prime suit shopping season. You'll likely be able to catch some residual post-Christmas deals on most types of clothing around this time, so it's a perfect time to take advantage. Take some of our tips on how to buy the right one for you before you make the commitment.

Cameras (February): This is the month when that new new usually comes out, so if you don't mind having last year's models for a steal, this is the month to find the deals. There's also the possibility of copping the newest models on sale during President's Week sales. Make sure you get the right model for your needs ahead of time.

Video Games (February): The year's most dope and sought-after video games usually drop pre-holiday season to assure parents have plenty of time to hear about how badly their kids want the new version of Madden or FIFA. The post-holiday season gives you a chance to scoop some of these releases up after the hype dies down. 

Luggage (March): Luggage companies start rolling out their new items in anticipation of Spring Break and summer travel, so March is the time to get last year's models for cheap. Maybe you'll get lucky and find something as dope as this Suitsupply scooter carry-on.

Raincoats (April): April showers are a real thing and not just part of an old nursery rhyme. The rainy days don't last too long before the heat rolls in for the summer, so when stores get these in stock they'll usually be offered on sale so they get moved out before they're unnecessary. 

Laptops (April): Gizmodo found the best month to update your laptop is in April. There's no real reason behind it such as a particular sale season, but it's a statistical fact, so that's all you need to know.

Athletic Apparel (May): As temperatures start to warm up, athletic stores will want to get rid of their stock of goods from the winter season that hardly anybody picked up because they were too busy pent up in their rooms avoiding the frostbite-inducing wind chill. 

Cell Phones (June): Cell phone manufacturers and carriers offer their items at lower prices around this time to give some incentive for parents to buy something new for recent grads and future college students. December is another good month to pick up a new phone, as they'll often go on sale for the holiday. 

Furniture (July): Furniture stores usually get their newest shipments in August, so July is when they make the push to clear out all of last year's selections. Expect some fairly crazy deals. 

Flip Flops (August): I wish this list was available last month so I would have known it was actually a smart idea to buy those Gucci flip flops I really wanted for some reason. As the Fall season starts to hit, retailers are going to be looking to clear out their stock of these around this time. 

Backpacks (August): Back-to-school season is a perfect reason for stores to offer these up some good sales on backpacks, so stop in and see if you can score some of the coolest ones out while you can.  

Sunglasses (September): As the summer trails out, the highest point of demand ends and we start to see some deals on sunglasses, which you'll need year round anyway. Make sure you get a pair that fits you right because you'll use them more than you might initially think. 

Jeans (October): After the back-to-school hype dies down on clothes shopping, stores will start offering some sales to keep their product moving. Grab yourself a nice pair and make sure you know all you need to know before you commit on a pair. 

Electronics (November): Everyone's heard of Black Friday already, so this is a no brainer as well. It really is all it's made out to be. You can get some of the best products on the market at the most ridiculous discounts, so why would you not?

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