Ben Baller's IFANDCO Made a Custom Iced Out Yeezy 350 Boost Rose Gold Pendant

Ben Baller's jewelry company was commissioned for this custom piece by an unknown buyer.

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Sneakerhead and celebrity jeweler Ben Baller has made a number of dope custom pieces for some big artists over the years. We've seen the $35,000 gold Egyptian chain he customized for Trinidad James, the Benz logo chain and set of keys he made for Pusha T, and the ridiculous $500,000 "world's largest gold chain" he made in collaboration with The Hundreds. These customs are all done through Ben's family business, IFANDCO, which has been operating out of the Slauson Supermall in Los Angeles since 2004. Now, IFANDCO has been commissioned for this iced out rose gold Yeezy 350 Boost pendant, and can add another insane piece to their resume. 

There's no official word on who the custom pendant is for, but the owner will be receiving an incredibly detailed and accurate piece. Seriously, everything is accounted for here, from the adidas and Boost branding on the sole, to the exposed Boost midsole unit. Check out more detailed shots below. 

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