A Supreme and Undercover Collaboration Might Be Happening

Supreme is collaborating with Japanese brand Undercover, according to "Sense" magazine.

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There is a collaboration between Supreme and Japanese brand Undercover in the works, Highsnobiety is reporting. The partnership was announced through Japanese publication Sense with a headline that translates to "Exclusive Scoop! Supreme x UNDERCOVER."

The collaboration will be part of Supreme's Spring/Summer 2015 offerings. However, there's no word yet on when this will be available. According to the image, this is the April issue of the magazine, which does not even go on sale until early March

Undercover is one of Japan's best brands, and its founder, Jun Takahashi, first started a store with Nigo in 1993 before expanding it fully into Undercover. Both also have a history of collaborating with Nike—Undercover through the Gyakusou collection, while Supreme has a long history of working with the sportswear giant. 

We will keep you updated as more details emerge. 



[via Highsnobiety]

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