John Galliano Says He Would Be "Dead" If He Wasn't Fired From Dior

John Galliano opens up about alcohol addiction while speaking at Jewish cultural event.

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John Galliano, the current head of Maison Margiela who was fired from Dior after making anti-Semitic remarks in 2011, spoke at a Jewish cultural event in London last night. The designer opened up about his alcohol addiction and his continued effort to make amends with the Jewish community, according to The Guardian.

Galliano admitted that he was consumed by his addiction at the time of his anti-Semitic outburst, but his firing from Dior served as a turning point in his life. "I think I would be dead," Galliano responded when someone asked what would have happened had he not been ousted from the fashion house. "I am an alcoholic. I am an addict,” he added. “This is in no way an excuse. We alcoholics and we addicts are not responsible for our disease. However, I do take complete responsibility for my recovery and making amends." 

The event was arranged by the Rabbi Barry Marcus, who the designer has forged a relationship with as part of his recovery. Rabbi Marcus spoke in support of Galliano at the event. He noted that the designer should not face harsher criticism than an "endless list of celebrities," including Mel Gibson, who have made anti-Jewish comments.   

"God is in the driving seat, not me," Galliano said. "Before it was self will, but now it is God’s will." Hopefully, Galliano can stay on the right path. 

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