Brad Pitt Will Receive a Private Tour of Banksy's "Dismaland" to Ensure He Doesn't Cheer up Other Attendees

Brad Pitt is getting a private tour of Dismaland and you won't believe why.

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Tons of people around the world have been clamoring to attend Banksy's new dystopian take on Disneyland, "Dismaland." One of those people is superstar actor Brad Pitt, who has reportedly been offered a private viewing of the park, according to The Mirror.

Pitt has been trying to coordinate a trip out to the street artist's latest exhibit since it was announced. Banksy has granted Pitt's wishes and set-up a private tour for him, but not for the reason you would assume. "Brad would bring a bit too much glamour to what's meant to be a thoroughly depressing visit, so Banksy granted him special permission to visit before it opens," a source told The Mirror

The A-list actor really has been an admirer of Banksy for some time now. Him and wife Angelina Jolie dropped over $1 million on Banksy pieces in 2007. The power couple also commissioned the artist for a piece dedicated to Hurricane Katrina in 2012. 

Banksy is going to great lengths to create the depressing atmosphere around the world's buzziest art show, even releasing a creepy trailer for "Dismaland."

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