Banksy Releases a Super Creepy Trailer for "Dismaland"

Banksy's "Dismaland" gets an official trailer.

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Banksy's Disneyland parody park "Dismaland" is so hyped that its website went completely black after people hoping for tickets overloaded the servers. Now, the website has re-launched along with a very eerie official trailer for the park. 

The trailer's juxtaposition of Disney-style upbeat music and the smiling faces of a family of four paired with Banksy's anarchic theme park attractions should be enough to creep you out. Make sure you watch the trailer the whole way through for the spooky twist ending, though. 

"Dismaland" has launched to much fanfare and Banksy has opened up about the project in a couple of rare interviews, including one with Run the Jewels.

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