UPDATE (8/20/15): A representative behind The Banksy Joba documentary that recounts the heist of an original Banksy piece entitled The Drinker, tells Complex that a version of the sculpture may make an appearance in Weston-super-Mare tomorrow, Aug. 21. Weston-super-Mare is the site of Banksy's new Disney parody park "Dismaland."

The group that stole the original piece, dubbed Art Keida, have said that they planned to remake the piece and sell it as a Banksy original, which could be what we're seeing here. We'll keep you posted on any updates to this story.

See original story from 8/20/15 below.

Banksy was heavily rumored to be behind a new anti-Disney pop-up exhibition in the style of Disneyland. Now, the legendary street artist has confirmed the "Dismaland" project and opened it up to the public along with an incredibly detailed website

The drawing of a map that has been posted to the "Dismaland" website shows that there are 18 attractions total that put a spin on classic theme park rides. There's a children's slide affixed to a armor-plated riot control vehicle, a portrait artist who will only draw the back of your head, and "an oil caliphate themed crazy golf course," according to the Dismaland website.

Banksy brought together 50 other artists, including Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer, and Jimmy Cauty, to contribute work to Dismland. The exhibit will also host performances from acts like Run the Jewels, DJ Yoda, Sleaford Mods, and Kate Tempest. 

The "bemusement park," as it's been dubbed, was described by Banksy via a press releases as "a festival of art, amusements, and entry level anarchism," according to Mashable

One of the workers who helped put together an aspect of Dismaland posted an in-depth series of images of the park and described it in greater detail for This Is Colossal. In addition to everything described above—satirical rides, artworks, and events—the parody park also includes fair games that, much like their real life counterparts, are impossible, purposefully unhelpful workers, and interactive pieces of art. There's also a large outdoor screening area that will play 24 short films on loop all day. The films were done by Santiago Grasso & Patricio Plaza, Kirsten Lepore, The Mercadantes, Ze Frank, Adrien M. & Claire B., Black Sheep Films, and Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, according to This Is Colossal.  

"Dismaland" is currently open in the UK resort town of Weston-super-Mare. Tickets are available on the exhibit's website now. Go inside the park via a series of Vines and images below.