Anna Wintour Dishes on Brooklyn, Her Flip Phone, Selfies, and What She Thinks About the All Black Everything Look

See what Anna Wintour had to say about Brooklyn, her flip phone, and selfies.Wintour believes that Brooklyn is "the new Silicon Valley," and her favorite thing.

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Anna Wintour is one of the most visible, yet closed-off figures in fashion. She hides behind her sunglasses at Fashion Week, and in a world where everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account, Wintour says she's "never taken a selfie." So, when the Vogue Editor-In-Chief agrees to be asked 73 rapid-fire questions, it's worth paying attention. 

Wintour touches on everything in the interview, from her favorite things about New York to what sport she enjoys. On New York, Wintour believes that Brooklyn is "the new Silicon Valley," and her favorite thing to do is go to the Metropolitan Museum—not a groundbreaking start. However, things get more interesting when Wintour is asked about her favorite action star (Hugh Jackman), and says that she's considered getting into basketball. 

Wintour also breaks monochromatic, minimalist hearts around the world by saying she'd never wear all black everything. She also addresses the rumors about her, perhaps jokingly saying "they're all true." Nuclear Wintour also apparently owns a flip phone, as we recently discovered, and loves anything apple invents. Wonder if she'll be getting (though will probably be gifted) an iWatch


Watch the video above. 

[via Vogue]

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