Get Hyped to Shop the UPS Small Business Village at ComplexLand 2022

Welcome Back to the Metaverse: Get Excited -- Here's Everything You Can Shop at the UPS Small Business Village at ComplexLand 3.0 May 25-27, 2022.

UPS Small Business Village ComplexLand

Image via ComplexLand

UPS Small Business Village ComplexLand

Complex readers live for drip and the more unique the product the better. To find something distinctive, the most intrepid hype heads look to smaller labels and shorter lines before purchasing from afar and shipping their purchases home.

UPS gets this, which is why the global shipping leader is setting up shop at ComplexLand 2022, creating its own UPS Small Business Village.

UPS Small Business Village ComplexLand

So when you’re looking to grab some rare drip this ComplexLand, swing by the UPS Small Business Village, where the company is hosting boutique labels Cölle, Circulate, Brownstone, and Compton Cowboys. Cölle’s bringing its sneaker-inspired candles; Circulate will sell event-exclusive hats, hoodies, and shirts; Brownstone’s packing a capsule featuring a coach’s jacket, shorts, and an embroidered crewneck sweater; and Compton Cowboys will offer classic truckers, hoodies, and hats.

UPS Small Business Village ComplexLand

UPS isn’t stopping there. Outside of the the Small Business Village, ComplexLand attendees can swag their avatars out in a black UPS “be unstoppable” hoodie, which lets them cruise and peruse the metaverse in style. 

ComplexLand kicks off May 25 and runs through May 27. Mark your calendars, get hyped for another next-level metaverse experience, then be ready to shop the UPS Small Business village for distinctive gear. See you there!

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