Espolòn Tequila and PAISABOYS Connect on the Calavera Collection: The Afterparty Edition for Día de los Muertos

The capsule features shirts, hats, and more pieces inspired by the holiday.

Joey Barba and Javier Bandera, the founders of PAISABOYS, wanted to make quality gear that told a real story. They carried that goal into their collaboration with Espolòn Tequila, the Calavera Collection: The Afterparty Edition, a clothing capsule celebrating Día de los Muertos. The collection includes sweatpants, a long-sleeve T-shirt, and hats, each piece featuring artwork inspired by the ofrendas honoring late family members and Mexican culture as a whole. “There’s a lot of hidden gems and messages in there that you gotta really take a look at deeply to connect with,” says Barba. “But with a lot of our culture and our people, they speak the same language we do, so they understand it immediately, and I think they’re gonna understand this collaboration immediately and what we’re trying to do with it.”

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