Espolòn Tequila And PAISABOYS Are Dropping Exclusive Merch For Día De Los Muertos

The Calavera Collection: The Afterparty Edition will be available online and at ComplexCon.


If you know PAISABOYS, you understand their mission and sense of humor. The cult-favorite streetwear brand  is irreverent by design—taking their name from a rural colloquialism for “countryman” in Mexican Spanish. But the brand is also a tribute to the Mexican and Mexican-American cultures that founders Javier Bandera and Joey Barba grew up around in Los Angeles. In the past, they’ve paid homage to a well-known Mexican convenience store chain, going so far as to launch a collection in a pop-up built to look like one of its locations. And it has used its shirts to amplify messages about its community. The brand—launched in 2016—literally wears its identity on its sleeve.

This year, PAISABOYS teamed up with Espolòn Tequila to create the Calavera Collection: The Afterparty Edition, exclusive merch that honors Día de los Muertos. The collection includes a long-sleeve tee, sweatpants, and accessories inspired by the holiday, which PAISABOYS celebrates with reverence and humor. Each piece features design nods to the traditional four elements included in a Día de los Muertos ofrenda—Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water—and includes sly color hits connecting it to one of Espolòn Tequila's expressions.

Check out the collection below—and pick it up at Espolòn’s Nov. 1 launch event in New York City or at ComplexCon, happening Nov. 18 and 19 in Long Beach, Calif., at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Los Espíritus Long Sleeve

Price: $50

A long-sleeve tee is a staple of any wardrobe, whether you wear it with shorts in the summer or under a goose jacket in the winter. This limited-run piece—inspired by traditional ofrenda elements like cempasúchil (marigold) and papel picado—will hold you down year-round.

The Skull & Wax Sweatpants & Bandana de los Muertos

Prices: $60/$15

These one-of-a-kind sweats work with sneakers or boots. The candle and calavera illustrations on their right leg reference items placed on the ofrenda for Día de los Muertos, when families honor those who came before. The bandana—with its exclusive Calavera Catrina design—can complement them as subtly or loudly as you like, whether you’re at the barbeque or anywhere else.

The Afterparty Snapback & Bandana de los Muertos

Prices: $35/$15

PAISABOYS hasn’t made too many hats. But Día de los Muertos calls for something special, so they whipped up this all-black number boasting the Espolòn Tequila logo surrounded by thorns  in gold. The thorns represents strength, which fits both the brand and the cap itself, since all-black headwear is always a strong look. Of course, a bandana around your neck is a timeless, perfect complement to a snapback, too.

The Afterparty Snapback

Price: $35

This snapback has some tricks up its sleeve, including an “Afterparty” and PAISABOYS logo on each side, adding strong details to its aesthetic without overwhelming it.

The Skull & Wax Sweatpants & Los Espíritus Long Sleeve

Prices: $50/$60

Long-sleeve tees and sweats are essentials. This pair will get you through the party—and the months to come.

Bandana de los Muertos

Price: $15 

The bandana has been a go-to accessory for decades, transcending regions and subcultures. This one, from PAISABOYS, is a tribute to the bandanas they wore as car washers and gardeners—showing exactly how versatile it can be.

The Skull & Wax Sweatpants

Price: $60

The ofrenda is a tribute to those who came before us—a table adorned with traditional symbols honoring their memories. The calavera and candle are two of its cornerstones.

Los Espíritus Long Sleeve

Price: $50

A long-sleeve tee like this one is a must if you’re headed out on a fall evening. “The Afterparty” script on the left arm and PAISABOYS logo on the right set it apart from the rest.

The Skull & Wax Sweatpants & Bandana de los Muertos

Prices: $60/$15

As day turns to night and you settle in for a game of dominoes, the timeless combo of sweats and a bandana will carry you through the evening.

The Afterparty Snapback, The Skull & Wax Sweatpants, Los Espíritus Long Sleeve & Bandana de los Muertos

Prices: $60/$15/$50/$35

And as the party turns into the afterparty, those sweats and that bandana—along with a long-sleeve tee and baseball cap—are the move for whatever’s to come.

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