VLONE Announces Departure of Co-Founder ASAP Bari, Says His Behavior is 'Contrary to Our Collective'

Six years after launching VLONE, co-founder ASAP Bari was fired from the fashion label due to his behavior, which they said was "contrary to our collective."


Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images


More than six years after launching VLONE, co-founder ASAP Bari has been kicked out of the fashion label due to his behavior. 

VLONE announced the news on Instagram Friday, saying Bari’s “behavior is contrary to our collective.”

“VLONE is the stamp for creatives who stand tall, thriving on individuality, caring less about conformity that has long governed the fashion style of society,” the label wrote. “Create your own stylish rules, set your own trend, embed your own morale in which you can express yourself creatively without limitations. In the new era of VLONE, our brand will embrace distinctive creatives, who defy the norm and inspire the willing.”

VLONE continued, “In closing, we will not partake in any irrational behavior associated or related with Jabari ‘Younglord’ Shelton. He has no authority to style himself as “Mr. Vlone,” use or license VLONE – this behavior is contrary to our collective.”

Shortly after launching VLONE in 2016, Bari spoke with Complex about how he collaborated with Nike on a collection of Air Force 1s.

“It stumbled upon at the right time,” he shared. “Nike’s about to do this [35th] anniversary for the Air Force 1. Being from Harlem, we know the culture of the Uptown. So Nike was looking for that young fresh kid, that Karl Lagerfeld from the hood. It’s a young black kid from Harlem making his own pair of Uptowns.”

When asked what people would perceive of his fashion sense 10 years down the road, Bari said: ”It’s just a lifestyle, man. I base my whole life upon a freestyle. You don’t know what’s going to come out your mouth. This sneaker might be wack to people, it might be amazing to others, it might be the most powerful sneaker in 10 years. You don’t know where it’s going to lead to. I don’t like to predict myself, I just like to sit back and relax and see where this is at in 10 years. People might say, “10 years ago, that sneaker was actually dope. The leather was on point. I can still wear those today, the leather doesn’t crease.”

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