Angelo Baque on Awake NY’s New Store, Investment, and The Current State of Streetwear

After a decade of operating Awake NY, Angelo Baque wants to strategically grow the brand without losing its essence.

Angelo Baque at Awake NY Flagship on Orchard Street
Awake NY
Angelo Baque at Awake NY Flagship on Orchard Street

Despite a rumor that was circulating on Twitter a few weeks ago, Angelo Baque has not sold Awake NY. But his brand is growing and evolving.

Baque, who founded Awake NY in 2011, is opening a store in New York’s Lower East Side. It’s a big brand milestone, and one that he wasn’t interested in pursuing until he had a conversation with the late Virgil Abloh.

“I wish I could take credit for the store,” says Baque. “But I'd give 99.9% of the credit for the store to Virgil.”

Baque says that during a Levi’s x Denim Tears dinner Abloh, who was typically the consummate optimist, lamented about the state of downtown New York. “He said, ‘This isn’t the New York I used to come to. You need to open a store.’ And I was like that’s the last thing I want to do. But he was like, ‘Yo, trust me. Open a store, the kids are going to come.’ And here we are.”

Awake NY Orchard Street Entrance
Awake NY Orchard Street Interior Photo
Awake NY Orchard Street Flagship Interior
Awake NY Store Interior Unisphere

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