Buy This Butt-Shaped Lamp That Turns On When You Smack, Poke, or Pinch It

And then God said: "Slap it and there will be light."

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Non Phixion told us the future is now in 2002 and we didn't listen. London-based designer Joseph Begley is here to remind us. He's given booty warriors everywhere a reason to live. Begley designed a butt-shaped lamp that turns on when you slap, poke, or pinch it. "Slap It" offers 10 different colors and is made of silicone to give it an authentic feel. The booty night light was made available for a limited run in 2014 but this holiday season it could be yours for $227. "Slap It" goes on sale in his online shop this November. Cop a bunch so you make a cool ass wall like the one in the video above. 

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