We Tumblforya: Ikea Stuff on TV

Because even Sherlock can appreciate dope furniture.

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Sometimes being a set designer can be hard work, that is, when there is no IKEA around. Sourcing tables, lamps, chairs, cookware, and other house stuff is a breeze when you have the blue and yellow guys on your side. You see IKEA stuff everywhere you go and in everything you watch because it's simple and awesome. IKEA Stuff on TV provides screenshots of moments when Besta, Lack, Grundtal, and other IKEA staples have made their way onto the small screen in shows like Sherlock, How I Met Your Mother, and Supernatural, and the occasional movie like Pitch Perfect.

There is a god chance that you have a bunch of these pieces in your own home. Now you can feel connected to your favorite actors because your butts have been on the same couch, kind of.

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