We Tumblforya: Girls In Sweaters

It's finally that time of year.

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Some unimaginative perverts out there hate the fall and winter months because women throw on more layers and show less skin. If those Neanderthals would peek their heads out of their caves for five minutes they would realize that a girl in a nice sweater can be just as hot (or hotter) than a girl in booty shorts walking through Washington Square Park. Which sounds more inviting: a girl who is soft and cuddly, or one who is sunburnt and sweaty? A woman in fur (and not much else) would trump both, but it's only October so we'll take option A for now.

Girls in Sweaters is the PG version of our fantasies and features a lot of close-ups of sweaters and limbs and not many faces, but our brains can fill in the blanks. Bring on the cold!

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