There Is Now a Typeface Designed Specifically for Readers With Dyslexia

The designer, Christian Boer, has the disorder and made the font for the 10% of the world that is just like him.

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Most new typefaces are created to universal, with an eye toward aesthetics and a nod to the classics. A lot of them fall flat because they suck or because they are basically imitation of other typefaces with added serifs and beaks. This new typeface by Christian Boer is for a particular group of people, the 10 percent of the world affected the neurology disorder known as dyslexia.


According to the official website for Dyslexie, research has shown that it helps those with the disorder read faster and more accurately. The designer is also dyslexic, so he understood why having this typeface was a necessity. According to Dezeen, Boer  designed Dyslexie in 2008 and presented it at a TED Talk in 2011, and now it is on display at the Istanbul Design Biennial through Dec. 14.  To learn more about why the design of the letters work, click through to the info page where you can also download the font for free.

[via Dezeen]

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