Street Artist Stik Paints a 125-Foot-Tall Mural in London

This huge "Big Mother" mural can be seen from many of the major London Underground lines and stations.

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London-based street artist Stik is known for the characters he paints around the world with eyes as their only facial features and sticks for legs and arms. While a lot of his murals are big enough to be seen from the ground and rise several stories high, the Big Mother piece he completed in South Acton recently is a whole different ball game, covering the entire facade of the 13-story Charles Hocking House.


The artist writes that the mural is visible from the Piccadilly subway line and London flight paths, so if you're in the area, you should look out for it.

Last month, Stik sent out a call for photo submissions of his work for an "official Stik book" that is in the works, so chances are that this mural and tons of his other work will be sitting on a shelf in your home soon enough.

[via Stik]

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