Scott Scheidly Creates Pink Portraits of Hypermasculine Men for a Solo Show at Hashimoto Contemporary

Scheidly paints portraits of men like Hitler and John Wayne in ways that challenge your perception of masculinity.

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As a sequel to last year's sold out "Pinks" show, Scott Scheidly returns to Hashimoto Contemporary with a new collection of paintings that blend masculine imagery with colors that are often perceived as feminine.


Scheidly paints portraits of evil leaders throughout history and other manly men from pop culture (including John Wayne, Yoda, and a Tusken Raider), using pinks and purples to create a bit of humor while also challenging the viewers' definition of masculinity. Hitler looks a lot less menacing in a purple shirt and plaid suit with a Playboy pin, but his appearance doesn't make him any less of a tyrant. Some of the paintings are a bit controversial (Vladimir Putin probably wouldn't appreciate the pride earrings and pink fur), but the questions that the exhibition raises are important ones.



"Pinks 2" opens on Oct. 4 and runs through Oct. 24. For more info, head to the Hashimoto Contemporary website.

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