Raekwon Shows Off His Incredible Folding Skills With Vintage Wu-Wear

The Chef checks out DJ Greg Street's vintage T-shirt collection and shows off his flawless folding technique.

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Wu-Tang Clan founding member Raekwon recently sat down with DJ Greg Street to talk about a few projects, including his upcoming album, Fly International Luxurious Art, the multi-million dollar Wu-Tang album that you will never hear, and the Wu-documentary that screened at Sundance titled Purple Tape Files. As a fan, collector, and historian of hip-hop culture, DJ Greg Street had to break out some of his vintage Wu-Wear T-shirts from 20 years ago. It's awesome to see The Chef react to the rare pieces, but what happens next is even more special.

Without being asked to, Raekwon folds every shirt that Greg Street passes to him and sets it down on the table. He apparently uses a packing fold as opposed to a retail fold, which is still pretty impressive to watch. Check out the video below and learn from the Master.


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