Ukrainian Artist Nastya Nudnik Alters Classical Paintings With Funny Pop-Up Windows

Some funny commentary on our digital lives.

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Classical art has proved to be a gold mine for digital artists, probably because a lot of it is in the public domain and the artists can't really come after you for it. There have been several art history-themed Tumblrs that would simply not exist without classical art, and some have done it a lot better than others.

Artist Nastya Nudnik is someone who has found a way to use classical art to make funny and original new digital pieces. Her "Emoji Nation" series uses various computer pop-up windows like error message boxes and friend request icons to comment on the current state of communication and our relationship with technology. The images are simple enough that you "get" it, but they're still really smart. Check out a few of our favorites above and check out Nudnik's Behance page for more. 

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