This Minimalist Seesaw Nightlight Design Is Pure Genius

Now the trick will be not playing with it all night.

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When you think of nightlights, you probably think of the crescent moon shaped plug-in that you had as a kid. When we get older, lamps replace nightlights forever, and it's so much harder to reach for knob on a lamp than it is to kick a nightlight out of the socket. Industrial design student Nicholas Baker created the perfect solution for adults who want a cool light so that they can read in bed (that's what adults do, right?), but also something easy so they don't have to use any bodily energy to turn it off when the Sandman comes.

The Prism Nightlight is a rocker style light that seesaws from on to off. The product is so simple, yet so damn smart. It's still in the prototyping phase right now, but we definitely want this when it hits the market.

For more about this cool toy light, head to Baker's Tumblr blog.

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