Justin Bieber Tags a Wall in Colombia with "Free Breezy" and a Marijuana Leaf (Video)

Showing support for the homie.

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There is a wall in Bogota, Colombia where taggers are allowed (with permission) to paint. While there, Justin Bieber and his camp decided that they wanted to leave their mark. This footage from El Tiempo shows Bieber and his crew painting random graffiti including a tribute to Bieber's pet hamster, a marijuana leaf, and a piece that says "Free Breezy," a show of support for fellow singer Chris Brown who narrowly avoided a felony and is currently in rehab for anger management issues. According to the report, Bieber never asked permission to paint the wall but the cops who were present did nothing to stop them for the hour that they were there. The secretary of government Guillermo Alonso Jaramillo has called the act a "disgrace to Bogota."

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