Someone out there needs to smack some sense into Chris Brown right now. And earlier today, Mike Tyson took his best shot and offered up a bunch of pretty good advice for Breezy.

Iron Mike made an appearance on 95.5 WPLJ FM in New York City and was asked his thoughts about the trouble that Chris Brown got himself into the other night. And Tyson responded by saying that while he likes Chris Brown as a person, he thinks that he needs to figure out a way to control himself in public before it's too late.

"What he really needs to understand is that, eventually, if you keep doing that stuff, people will turn on you," he said. "They make you bad. He's selling out arenas and they could make happy people turn. He could say, 'Never me,' 'cause that's what I said. But they could call me the greatest fighter but they couldn't book anybody. No one wanted anything to do with me…I'm just worried about him, and he's a really sweet kid with some overbearing pressures. If he keeps getting these violent cases, they're gonna put him somewhere where all they do is assault people."

You hear that, Chris? If you don't learn to keep your emotions in check, Tyson thinks you're going to end up behind bars. And is that where you really want to end up? The choice is yours.

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[via VIBE]