Find Each and Every Mosaic That Invader Installs in New York City

Thanks to the people over at ANIMAL.

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In case you haven't heard, Invader is currently in New York City installing mosaics. The artist was promoting the screening of his short film ART4SPACE but his invasion was cut short when he was arrested by the NYPD. ANIMAL has been busy tracking down all of the mosaics that the artist was able to install prior to his arrest, and now that he is a free man, we hope that there are more to come. Head over to their site to see full-size images of the mosaics and to see where each is located so that you can see them in person.

ANIMAL also conducted an interview with Invader in which he discussed his arrest, his cousin Mr. Brainwash, and his plans to keep installing as much art as he can in the Big Apple. It is definitely worth the read. 

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[via ANIMAL]


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