Street Artist Invader Has Allegedly Been Arrested by the NYPD

So how did Banksy make it 31 days?

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Say it ain't so! ANIMAL reports that they received an emailing from an anonymous source today that said that street artist Invader had been arrested on the Lower East Side. LES community reporting site The Lo-Down writes that Invader was installing a piece at the intersection of Orchard and Broome streets when the cops caught him and his team and took them into custody. The property owner Mark Miller has removed the Princess Peach mosaic and has decided to keep it in his possession instead of selling. The Lo-Down called the police to get more information but came up empty. 

Maybe the cops are frustrated because Banksy managed to duck them for a whole month so they are grabbing any street artist that they can. We're hoping that the arrest part of this story isn't true, but only time will tell. #FreeInvader.

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[via ANIMAL]

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