Check Out HBO's Sneak Peek Trailer for "Banksy Does New York"

The highly-anticipated street art documentary comes to HBO and the DOC NYC Festival soon.


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In case you missed the news, Chris Moukarbel​​'s user-generated Banksy Does New York documentary about the artist's 2013 "Better Out Than In" street art residency will be available via HBO On Demand and HBO GO on Oct. 31. Aditionally, it will be screened at DOC NYC on Nov. 14, and it will air on HBO on Nov. 17. 

HBO Documentary Films recently released the sneak peek trailer above, which shows a couple driving through New York City in search of a new Banksy piece. The piece turns out to the Crazy Horse car mural from day nine of the residency, a door of which was taken but remained unsold at Art Miami. We know just about everything that went down with the residency that month, but it's interesting to see the events and the public's reaction as they happened. 

UPDATE: According to Creator's Project, HBO will be "leaking" clips from the documentary on YouTube every day until Oct 31, and viewers only have 24 hours to check them out before they are removed. This teaser model is a perfect reflection of how the residency went down last year, with murals and installations disappearing or being vandalized almost as quickly as Banksy could create them.

The first trailer (detailed above) has already gone private, so it was replaced with one that is still active.

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