Designer Alessandro Isola Reinvents the Coffee Table by Building It Into the Carpet

This table/carpet will blow your mind.

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Italian architect Alessandro Isola is, as far as we are concerned, brilliant. We appreciate designers that can create cool and innovative versions of existing products, but occasionally someone comes along and completely changes the way we think about an object and the way it's "supposed" to look. Coffee tables will never be the same thanks to Isola's Stumble Upon.

The product transforms with the flip of a corner, going from carpet to shiny table surface effortlessly. According to the project page, the table/carpet fold "means it can be configured and tessellate into multi-functional surfaces that suit the moment.  This additional surface is now functional but also gives flexibility and simply curves over to add more contact with the texture of the floor space." The various configurations of the object allow the user to customize their space in interesting ways, as demonstrated in the images below, taken from Isola's website.





Multi-purpose furniture is definitely the wave for big cities and tiny apartments. We hope to someday have a bed that is also a kitchen counter, beer pong table, and form of transportation, but that may be pushing it. Check out more of Isola's designs by visiting his site here.

[via Designboom]

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