This Infographic Shows How Comic Sans Is Ruining the Environment

According to one print company's calculations, using Comic Sans in printing is not only tacky, but it's destroying the Earth.

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With all due respect to the "Comic Sans Project," no one really likes that font. You won't get a job if you use Comic Sans on your résumé, and it's impossible to take anything written in the downtrodden typeface seriously. An Australian newspaper recently used Comic Sans on its front page and responded to critics by saying that it was "the right choice." They probably aren't aware that Comic Sans is not only completely swagless, but using it in print contributes to the degradation of the planet, according to this infographic from the team at Pixartprinting.

Titled "The True Cost of Comic-Sans and Other Printing Peculiarities," the infographic breaks down the amount of ink used by various fonts and what that translates to in dollars. According to Pixartprinting, by using Comic Sans instead of Helvetica, we use 69 million more ink cartridges and print between 17.2 and 24.4 billion more pages a year. More pages equals more trees. Down with Comic Sans!


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