No Chill: Someone Has Already Trademarked "TransJenner" for a New Clothing Line

People will do anything to make money these days.

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People have been trying to cash in on Bruce Jenner's transition since the rumors began, and now that it is confirmed, shit has gotten out of hand. From magazine's Photoshopping makeup onto Jenner's face to sell issues, to parody shirts comparing the former athlete to Marcy from Married With Children, the "TransJenner" jokes continue to fly, and now someone has trademarked the word so that they can launch a new novelty clothing line.

According to TMZ, the new line will include men and women's athletic gear, socks, headbands, jerseys, dresses, ties, and just about everything else that the trademark holder Phillip Maltin could think of that covers both genders. 

Maltin claims that he isn't simply trying to capitalize on Jenner's transition, and also told TMZ that he would be open to a collaboration.

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