Here's Where You Can Buy Rihanna's Birthday Tee

Rihanna wearing an "I Hate Rihanna" T-shirt was the most iconic part of her turning the big 3-0.


Photography by Robert Kamau/GC Images


The only person allowed to clown Rihanna is Rihanna herself. In fact, the star singer shared a photo of herself on Monday in a pink T-shirt that read, “I hate Rihanna.” The image was captioned with the words “Don’t trust anyone under 30.” The photo was posted to the Rihanna's Instagram Stories a day before her 30th birthday, where she also wrote, “Last day to make a bad decision and blame it on my 20s.”

Looking at the T-shirt brings the singer’s mesmerizing 2007 hit “Hate That I Love You” to mind. Even though Rihanna has passed the big 3-0 threshold, the Fenty Beauty mogul and Puma art director could certainly still get away with just about anything.

This ironic tee is running for $130 online, but as of press time is sold out. It comes from Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard, who included the shirt in the 2017 exhibit “The Casual Pleasure of Disappointment," according to Billboard. The series was supposed to poke fun at fashion industry’s obsessions, including Rihanna, but Bad Gyal RiRi proved that she is absolutely worthy of that obsession by turning the shirt’s meaning on its head.

A 30-year-old Rihanna returned to Instagram on the day of her birth to share a heart-warming message to her mother with a precious baby photo of herself. It's no question that Rihanna is going to be thriving well into her thirties. Hopefully she takes her 20s "IDGAF" attitude with her. 

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