A Ma Maniére has released a moving and visually stunning campaign video for its upcoming collaboration with Jordan Brand.

The short film, titled Raised By Women, is described as an ode to the many Black women who have demonstrated strength, ambition, and courage in their everyday lives. Directed by the Turner Brothers, the black-and-white video showcases various women with a wide range of roles and careers: a model, a fine artist, a health worker, a young mother, and even a United States vice president. 

“Nothing was given to you. You had to work to make your dreams come true. Often putting your passions on the back-burner to make sure I had the space, safety, and opportunity to dream on my own,” a man says in a voiceover monologue. “You turned our struggle into exercise—training and teaching us  to work uphill and through obstacles; constantly reminding us to find comfort in that nothing would be easy, but that the journey would be worth the fight … Black women raise us. Black women support us. Black women fight for us. Black women are our equal.”

You can check out A Ma Maniére’s Raised by Women video above. The boutique’s Air Jordan 3 capsule will deliver unisex apparel as well as a new spin on the Air Jordan 3 sneaker model, featuring a leather upper, suede details, and a quilted interior collar and lining. The collaborative collection will hit A Ma Maniére’s online store March 30.