21 Savage has offered his take on the resale market for luxury watch brands, and revealed he once made $350,000 from reselling a Richard Mille watch.

The Atlanta rapper shared his thoughts after Akademiks shared a clip from his Off the Record podcast with DJ Vlad, during which the two discussed the reselling of fancy watch brands. “Rolex, Audemars, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille are the only brands I know that you could pull this off with,” said Vlad in regards to the reseller market on watches. “The price goes up more on Richard Mille than any other watch.”

Akademiks didn’t seem to understand who would drop so much money on these second-hand watches, but Vlad made it clear there’s a big market for it. Take 21 Savage, chimed in on the conversation with his own experience.

“But if you put aftermarket diamonds on it the value go down a lot,” 21 wrote in an Istagram comment below the clip. “I made 350k off 1.” For context, Richard Mille watches typically go for around $200-$250k. Customizing limited items such as watches can obviously have a detrimental impact on resale value, too, as 21 pointed out.

While 21 Savage didn’t reveal how much he originally paid for the watch, $350,000 is still an impressive figure for a second-hand item.

Last month, Savage celebrated his 29th birthday and was gifted a custom truck worth $150,000 by his friend and close collaborator Young Thug. The Dodge Hellcat TRX has his name “21” inscribed to the side of the truck, alongside numerous dagger logos. Designed by Roadshow International, the same Atlanta luxury car dealership where he hosted his birthday party, it also featured 21 Savage’s face on the headrests.