C.P. Company have unveiled their new 'Natural Mutation' collection, a range that brings together high-quality fabrics with a design language of "authenticity, thoughtfulness and functionality."

Massimo Osti's iconic imprint delves deeper into the themes launched by 'THE NEXT LANDSCAPE' presentation from January 2020, with a host of updated styles including field jackets, trousers and accessories.

The Italian brand's new line explores the boundaries of synthetic creation and experimenting through mutation, with the results showcasing new-found properties belonging to natural fibers and vice versa.

British Ventile® fabrication finds itself applied to the Goggle and Explorer Jackets in new re-interpretations of the brand's iconic pieces, while MEMRI and DYSHELL represent the outcome of the research over on the synthetic side, freshly-upgraded for Spring/Summer 2021.

C.P. draws graphic inspiration from the intersection between natural and mandmade objects, with over-printing used in the sublimation process of the TRACERY series.

With plenty of graphic and textile experimentation on display once again, the colourways of the new collection are more natural, arriving in a palette that reflects the change of seasons. 

Get a closer look at C.P. Company's 'Natural Mutation' collection below, and head to the C.P. Company website to cop the range now.