Brixton-based designer Jack Harper has just launched his new creative output, AELIZA, with a limited-edition product designed to serve as a permanent fixture to everyday life at home.

If you've been keeping an eye on UK streetwear and premium fashion in recent years, you're likely to be familiar with Harper's work. Having worked his way up the ranks as a design and art director under mentor Samuel Ross at A-COLD-WALL* and POLYTHENE OPTICS* for two years, Harper has also honed his craft working with Billionaire Boys Club, The Design Museum and Eastwood Danso, as well as musicians like Bakar and Kwollem.

AELIZA, dubbed as a "dialogic study of the autonomous individual", has been launched as more than just a product proposition from the designer. Introduced to "offer a change in lifestyle and approach" in the midst of COVID-19, Harper has kicked off the launch of AELIZA with a limited run of 1002mm x 1460mm rugs, a product which helps to provide more comfort in the spaces we're all spending most of our time in right now. 

Speaking about his new drop, Harper said: "For most of us, home is a limited space to manoeuvre ourselves. It felt appropriate to launch AELIZA with a product that dresses the room rather than the individual; a product that positively effects the individual for the everyday rather than the one day in the week; a more permanent fixture that brings notions of the outdoor experience, indoors. Home in a crisis like this can become mundane. Upon self-reflection in the midst of the pandemic, where there has been more time to think rather than to do, sky, sun, sea, land and life is a question to ourselves. What does it mean to be me? What does it mean to be individual?"

AELIZA's 1002mm x 1460mm rugs are a limited run of 50 Units, dropping this Friday (17:00 GMT) exclusively on Get a closer look at the new design below.