Looking to perfect your joint-rolling skills? Racks Hogan has you covered.

The self-proclaimed Stylish Stoner has teamed up with cannabis delivery service Emjay for its "How to Roll" summer campaign. Racks stars in a how-to video that breaks down all the steps to achieve a perfect braid joint. 

"My biggest tip would be to be patient and I like to say that 'a even roll is a good roll," Racks told Complex.

The campaign aims to destigmatize marijuana use through creative content, as well as highlight diversity within the cannabis culture. All proceeds from "How to Roll" will go toward Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization that fights for those who've been convicted of non-violent marijuana charges.

"I partnered with Emjay because it provides a service in an industry that I am a huge supporter of and participate in, hence the name Stylish Stoner," Racks told Complex. "To me the cannabis industry is often overlooked or frowned upon and even though it’s now growing and booming there’s still push back about it being 'accepted.' So for me to partner with a brand that brings positive light to something I enjoy is a win-win."

Racks went on to say that he fully supports marijuana legalization as well as the expungement of all marijuana-related offenses.

"The cannabis industry is currently helping the economy grow, it just doesn’t make sense to me that people are still incarcerated on cannabis charges," he continued. "People don’t realize how having a charge like this on your record can hinder a person from getting the job of their dreams or getting approved to do things like get an apartment or new car."

Emjay CEO Chris Vaughn described Racks as "a dream partner for us," as his experience in streetwear and cannabis brings "a unique point of view and aesthetic to the campaign."

"He got super into his tutorial, and we knew he would produce incredibly engaging and fun content that would elevate the campaign. He’s an expert when it comes to connecting with people and his audience, and it was a pleasure to work with him to bring How to Roll to life," Vaughn said. "At Emjay, cannabis reform is incredibly important to our team, and we actively work to support causes that are driving impact and change. While How to Roll was lighthearted in nature, we are very conscious that communities, particularly Black and brown communities, are still unjustly affected and targeted by past and existing cannabis legislation."

You can check out Racks' full "How to Roll" video above.