Pharrell's Billionaire Girls Club has teamed up with ENVSN festival to host a virtual art showcase focusing on work from artists of color. 'Stories of the HeART' will be streamed via Instagram on Thursday at noon ET, featuring artists from the worlds of spoken world, photography, and painting. 

They include NYC writer, painter, and activist Ashley Chew, writer and poet Kyla Lacey, and a panel of photographers capturing the current civil rights movements across the world. Rising cinematographer Annie Bercy will also host a screener of her new project An Ode to the Strong & Proud Black Women in the 2000s.

You can see the full lineup and schedule on ENVSN Festival's official website. The event is scheduled to start at 12 p.m. ET, and will run until 5 p.m. over on @billionairegirlsclub's Instagram and Hopin.