Earlier this week, British streetwear brand Trapstar announced their £5,000 donation to the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation — which has now been followed up with their 'Enough Is Enough' capsule (t-shirt, hoodie, crewneck jumper), with all proceeds going to a number of foundations in support of black excellence and George Floyd, who was tragically murdered by a police officer two weeks ago.

Mikey, Lee and Will—three black men who head up Trapstar—have had their own first-hand experiences with racism and they are hoping this new drop will help in raising awareness and create more conversation surrounding the global issue. 

Trapstar took to Instagram to give their statement, which said: "As young, black business owners, we are hurt to have witnessed the same people sworn to protect and serve us commit these acts over and over again with no justice being served. The recent events have cut us deeply and we are truly angered by the death of George Floyd. We stand united as one with our community to take a stand against injustice and racism. This is global problem, not only exclusive to the U.S. It is vital we use all of our voices, so that we are truly heard. This is every human's fight, and unfortuntely it has been a very long fight which #BlackLivesMatter have been leading. We will continue to donate funds and support the cause."

The quotes and imagery featured on the garments are from civil rights leaders Huey P. Newton, Malcom X and Robert Brown Elliott. The 'Enough Is Enough' capsule is designed to illuminate their message of frustration and express solidarity with those who feel the same way.

All proceeds will be going to the following foundations: The #BlackLivesMatter Movement, The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and The Official GoFundMe for Belly Mujinga.

Head over to the Trapstar website to grab yours.

Image via Trapstar