Supreme's Takashi Murakami collab t-shirt has resulted in a veritable grip of money being donated toward COVID-19 relief efforts.

In a statement saying they were "deeply grateful" for the generosity, Help USA announced Monday that they received $1,052,040 in sales of the t-shirt for COVID-19 emergency efforts and related services for homeless families and others in need:

The $60 shirt originally dropped in April, quickly making its way to popular resale sites like StockX and Grailed. Both sites, however, released statements clarifying that they too would be donating money raised from the sales to COVID-19 relief. A Grailed rep said the site's proceeds from all sales of the t-shirt would be given directly back to Help USA. StockX, meanwhile, confirmed that proceeds would be given to charity for a 30-day period.

Help USA annually assists an estimated 30,000 people who are facing homelessness and poverty. As a rep explains, the novel coronavirus has exacerbated these issues for underserved groups, as many around the country have little to no savings to fall back on.

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